ReadEasyBibleText340x243Reading is great way to improve all your language skills. And one of the most read books in the world is the Bible! Every year, 100,000,000 Bibles are sold or given as gifts. The Bible is available in almost 2,500 languages.

The Bible on this site in easy English. It’s called the Bible in Basic English. And it can help you improve your English. Why is that so?

  1. Well, it’s easy! Reading easy means you understand 95-98% of the words. At this easy level, you can improve your English language simply and naturally as you read!
  2. It’s enjoyable! We all enjoy reading good stories. And the Bible is full of famous stories that are interesting, important, and enjoyable.
  3. It’s big! The Bible is a big book, so there is a lot to read. You need to read a lot to improve your English, so this site can help you.
  4. It’s free! Our editors have worked hard to make a simple, clean, and beautiful site for learning English with the Bible. We hope you enjoy it!
  5. New features coming soon: word count tracking, goal setting, and vocabulary building.
  6. Sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or other social accounts to use the tools and features!

There are other reading sites that can help you improve your English. We recommend the following:


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